Amani teaches several weekly classes at 2 studios throughout the Tampa area. For her current class schedule & class locations please visit the upcoming events page. Please contact Amani If you are interested in scheduling a group or private lesson.


Amani Maharet teaching ATS at Hip Expressions Dance Studio in St. Pete, FL

ATS® (American Tribal Style®):  Amani is teaching the FatChanceBellyDance® format that was created by Carolena Nericcio-Bohlman in San Francisco, CA & has since spread around the world. ATS® is a synchronized Group Improvisation dance based on a series of steps where one dancer, the leader, cues the step & the rest of the dancers follow. In this class you will learn the steps in the ATS® vocabulary & how to put them together to create a unique beautiful dance that embraces the idea of sisterhood and a connection to your fellow dancers. All levels welcome! Bring your Zills (finger cymbals)!

Tribal & Fusion Basics: This class will teach you the fundamentals of bellydance with a tribal twist! In this class you will learn all the basic isolations, arm work & foot patterns of bellydance & how to put them together. Each class will begin with a warm up to get you ready to dace & end with a cool down to ease you back into your daily life. This class will increase flexibility, strength & self confidence. This class focuses on both ATS® bellydance & tribal fusion bellydance. 

Drill it Out: Cardio Bellydance Drills: Pop it, lock it, lift it, drop it! Get ready to kick your dancing into overdrive with this cardio bellydance drills class built to increase stamina, technique, & work up a sweat. This class will start with a warm up designed to get your heart rate up & ready to move, then segway into traveling & stationary drills that work your body & your brain, & end with a cool down to ease you back into your day. Nothing is off limits! Think 5 minute shimmies, lots of layers & long continuous repetitions. Inspired by the high octane, brain teasing drills found in dance intensives you will leave this class with a sense of accomplishment, a larger movement vocabulary, a sweat & a smile. No weights or mats needed, but a hand towel is recommended. All levels welcome as individuals can tailor each drill to fit their desired difficulty level.

Zills & Drills: In this class you will learn how to make your own music while you dance. Each class you will learn some of the basic finger cymbal rhythms & how to incorporate them into your dancing. You will learn the correct technique for zilling & then drill them in combination with both staitionary isolations, traveling steps, & even combinations. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced dancer, cabaret or tribal,  this class is for you! Bring your dancing to a new level & come play with me.

Introduction to Bellydance @ ABDS: Introduction to Bellydance is for students who have not studied bellydance before or those who have been out of the dance for a while & are wishing to restart classes. Emphasis is on learning basic isolations, posture & beginning combinations. The schedule & class material for this class is set by Kadayif, the American BellyDance Studio owner & director, so all ABDS Intro to Bellydance classes are the same material regardless of the instructor. 

Children's Bellydance Basics: Specially geared towards children & pre-teens 12 years old or younger. This class is designed to promote body awareness, movement exploration, creativity & self-esteem through the use & learning of basic bellydance movements & choreographies. In addition to bellydance vocabulary we will also play dance games meant to engage & improve cognitive skills like problem solving, memory, reaction time, creativity & hand-eye coordination, We will learn choreographies to songs from classic Disney movies that students will have the option of performing at one of the studio's numerous yearly shows, although performance is not required. Above all else, this class is about having fun & embracing the joy of dance!

ATS® - Dancing In The Flow®Created by Carolena Nericcio-Bohlman, the mother of ATS, this class is "all dance, no talk". During this class there will  be no verbal communication except for a short intro by Amani at the begging of class, steps will not be broken-down in this class. Instead we will simply dance, or flow, with the music. This is your time to simply enjoy moving without worrying about perfect technique, you can just have fun & sweat. The only leader you have to follow is Amani. The class will consist of 4 10-12 minute blocks of non-stop dancing, alternating between slow & fast songs. At the end of each block students will have a quick water break while maintaining the silence. This class truly captures the spirit of ATS®, letting go of the chatter of our daily lives & letting the music move through us & inhabit us.  (This class is not currently scheduled weekly, if you are interested contact me so I can arrange a time & space for it)

Hatha Yoga: Stretch & strengthen your body with this level 1 yoga class that uses basic postures, or asanas, in combination with breathing to help increase flexibility & promote relaxation. Each class will feature a full series of movements to encourage proper body alignment, balance, & strength. This class is a combination of sustained stretches & flow, pulling in the best of both worlds to create a satisfying experience for all. The use of blocks & movement modification is encouraged to protect the body while still allowing each student to participate & strive for their highest potential. Yoga has been used for thousands of years as a means of both mental & physical exercise, after only a couple of classes you will see why it has stayed popular all this time.

Yoga & Stretching for Release & Repair: No handstands or splits here, this yoga class is designed for those simply wanting a good stretch & a sense of calm. The postures, or asanas in this class were selected to be low impact & easily accessible to all individuals. We will also incorporate some light strength building exercises to help your body maintain optimal function in everyday life as well as in dance & fitness. We will end each class with 510 minutes of savasana, or corpse pose, & bringing our focus inward to build mindfulness & self appreciation. Both mentally & physically restorative, this class will help you heal & increase your understanding of your body & it’s capabilities.